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Our Extended Family 
& Friend's Pictures 

Terry Lynn Williams, Jr
Eleventh Grandchild
Sixth Grandson

Ariel Coniah Dawn-Tenth Grandchild
 Fourth Granddaughter

Lohgan Scott-Ninth Grandchild
 Sixth Grandson

Eighth Grandchild
Third Grand daughter

Lochlund Law
7th Grandchild-5th Grandson

Hailey Nicole
Our 6th Grandchild-2nd Grand Daughter

Tommy Styles
Our 5th Grandchild-4th Grand Son 

Our 1st Grand Daughter-4th Grandchild



Trace Cole 
Our 3rd Grandchild

Bowen Trent 
Our 2nd Grandchild


Devin Dakota
Our 1st Grandchild



 Front row, left to right:  Ronald Burnette (Ernie's brother), Ruby Risinger (Ernie's dad's first wife) and Gene Risinger (Ernie's brother)

Back row, left to right:  Bobby Warren (Ernie's brother) and Ronald David Risinger (Ernie's Dad) 


Sylvia May (Pickering) Risinger (Ernie's Mom)



Gilbert Ernest & Betty 

(Sharlene's Mom & Dad)  Their Wedding Day

Betty (Sharlene's Mom)

Sharlene's Dad, Ernie & Step-mom, Dorothy 


Tim, Heather, Jordan, Annie & Danny (Ernie's Brother, his Wife, their son & 2 close friends)

Jordan (Tim and Heather's son)
March of 2005

Ernie's Aunt Pat (his Dad's sister), with his brother Ron

Taken September of 2002

Uncle Jerry and Aunt Dixie

Jerry is Sharlene's mother's, brother

July of 2001

Skip and Nancy 

Some of our dearest friends.  Ernie has known them since he was a teenager.

Skip and Nancy are good people who have helped us out alot over the years in our walk with God.

Here is the Link to their Page

Leonard and Betty

Close friends that Ernie has known since he was a very young man. 

 Leonard mentored Ernie in his early Christian walk and they have always been there over the years for him.

Grandma Grace May Hope (Sharlene's mom's Mom) with Aunt Jane, John and kids

Aunt Jane and Uncle John Markham for their 25th Wedding Anniversary in 1998.  She passed away unexpectedly, in the summer of 2000.  John passed away in 2004.

Jane was Sharlene's mother's sister

Link to their Tribute Page

Grandpa John Hope (Sharlene's mom's Dad) with Sharlene and Stephanie

Charles Gilbert and Alta Mae (Cassatt) Manahan
(Sharlene's Grandparents)

Sharlene's Grandpa Manahan (Sharlene's dad's Dad) with his second wife, Lois (Cassatt) Manahan, who is Alta Mae's sister.  He married her after his first wife died and then they had a son together.

This is Marvin and Verbal

They are dear friends that we met in Oregon.

Bill and Brenda and Family

They are friend's that Sharlene has known since she was a teenager

Their Family are cherished friends of ours.

This is my dear friend Sharon that passed away from cancer awhile back. 
I really miss her and I'll be glad to see her again one day.

Robert and Agnes 

They are good friends from Oregon with a similar vision for the Church.

Patti and Phillip

They are friends that we met in Oregon.  They really helped us out when we first moved there.  Patti hosted Nicole's baby shower and first birthday party.  She also single-handedly jump started our computer business, by spreading the word about us, via her hair salon.

Bobby and Deanna 

They are friends that we met while living in Oregon.

Here is the Link to their page

Hope you liked our pictures!   

We will be adding pictures as we get them

May the Lord bless you all!